Rhyme Rocket lands at St. James’! 

On Thursday 16th March, both staff and children in the infants were in for a real treat as we were visited by Joe and Andrew, as seen on CBeebies Rhyme Rocket. First Officer Ditty and Professor Poet were visiting Earth in the search for rhymes, and our children certainly did not disappoint in demonstrating their rhyme awareness and ability to play with rhyme.

All of us thoroughly enjoyed an exciting interactive literacy afternoon of rhyme, poetry, song and silliness, and although a Thursday is usually a mummy day for me, my youngest and I weren’t going to miss out on this opportunity to meet in person two of the people who have entertained us at home, even in the early hours of the morning!

A very big thank you to Joe and Andrew for a great, fun-filled afternoon. We really hope you will visit us again soon on your travels around the galaxy.

A very merry Nativity 

There is nothing quite like an infant Nativity to give you that festive feeling and get you in the mood for Christmas, and this week saw our Reception production of ‘The Nativity’. The children looked absolutely amazing in their costumes, were in fine singing voice and the children who had lines to speak did so loudly and clearly. We really couldn’t be more proud of them all, in both the dress rehearsal to the rest of the school and then the final production to our parents and carers.Well done Reception, you are all stars 🌟. 

Also a big thank you to parents and carers for all your support with costumes and helping to learn speaking parts.

Finally, the Reception team would like to wish you all a magical and fun-filled Christmas 🎄 and we look forward to welcoming you back in the new year. 

Who’s been a good boy then?

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Preparations are well and truly underway for Year 3s Dog Trust Charity Afternoon!

Class 7 have begun to make the dog biscuirs that we hope we can sell next Tuesday afternoon. Can you spot the teamwork, communication and, not to mention, the hard work that has gone in to our batch of yummy doggie biscuits?

The children worked very well in groups to produce their biscuits – some may have looked ‘interesting’ but I’m sure the dogs won’t mind!

Please join us next Tuesday afternoon where we hope to raise some money with your kind donations!

Fingers crossed for a successful event!

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Frosty mornings 

Reception love frosty mornings, and last week we deserted the warmth of the classrooms to go and explore the frost.  We had lots of fun making footprints in the grass and listening for the crunching sound under our feet. We enjoyed exploring the frost and using magnifying glasses to look at the different shapes and patterns. The children also had a chance to practise their name writing skills on the frosty grass and surfaces!

Family Tree Afternoon

Last Wednesday we had our first Reception family tree afternoon where family members joined our Reception children in the hall to talk about and share photographs of their families. Every child had a leaf to put their photographs on and spent the afternoon busily cutting and sticking special people to put on their leaves.  The leaves have now been added to our own school family tree and displayed in the entrance to our Reception corridor. Thank you to everyone for sending in photographs to make the afternoon so special and to those who were able to join us. 

Staying to lunch, the ‘big’ playground and P.E. 

The last couple of weeks have provided our Reception children with lots more new experiences at school… We have ventured out from our Reception unit into the wider world of the school; joining the rest of the infants for morning playtime in the ‘big’ playground at the back of the school, having our first P.E. session with Mrs Dove and staying for lunch, which has created much excitement! 😋

We have lost count of how many times we have been asked,  

“Is it lunchtime yet?” 

This often being the first question we are asked as the children have stepped through the door in the morning! 

Once lunchtime has finally arrived, we have been extremely impressed by how well the children have behaved; lining up quietly, being polite to our cook and kitchen staff and their independence at the tables, including lovely table manners. We have had many clean plates being returned to the kitchen, so it seems staying to lunch has been a hit! 

The children have also been enjoying playing in the ‘big’ playground with the rest of the school during playtimes and lunchtimes. They have enjoyed playing with their bigger friends, and siblings have been so excited to be able to play together 😀.

Finally, we have also had our first P.E. session with our trained gymnastics teacher Mrs Dove. In order to have lots of time in the hall we only removed socks and shoes! The children had a great time exploring ways of travelling around the hall as different animals, listening carefully to instructions and playing a colour game with beanbags. Next challenge for after half term… getting changed into P.E. kits! 

A new start and a very warm welcome… 

It has been an exciting and busy couple of weeks in Reception as we have now welcomed all of our new children into the school. The children are settling extremely well and we are really enjoying getting to know each other and making new friends. We have already had lots of fun playing in the Reception classrooms and outdoor area; the trikes and climbing frame are certainly a firm favourite!

And on next week’s ‘to do’ list… Staying to lunch! 😀

Another busy term!

As we come to the end of our first week of term 4 it is quite frightening to ask where did last term go?!  Term 3 was another busy one in Reception as the children became Winter Explorers and ended up on a search for dinosaurs! We also learnt about and celebrated Chinese New Year, enjoying the story of the naming of the years and eating Chinese food (that’s always my favourite bit!). The children have worked extremely hard and we hope have had a lot of fun along the way…


 We received a letter from Sir Richard Rambler, a Winter explorer.  
  Exploring ice cubes… Finding out how ice feels and why and what happens when ice melts.

A frosty winter morning… A perfect opportunity to be real Winter explorers! 


 Following Sir Richard’s clues to find mysterious eggs stuck in a block of ice!   

We melted the ice and found… DINOSAURS!!! 

Chinese New Year – The Year of the Monkey



   Spring rolls, crispy seaweed and prawn crackers… Yum! 😋


Our first ever Reception Nativity – A Nursery Rhyme Nativity

This year was the first year ever that Reception have performed their very own Nativity, without the rest of the infants… Being honest, we were a little nervous, but there really was no need.  Our Reception children did, what can only be described, as an AWESOME job; learning songs, actions and speaking parts.  We were so incredibly proud of every single child, and when we performed our dress rehearsal to the rest of the school, the children had such a lot of lovely compliments from other members of staff and children, amazed at the performance and the confidence of our children. 

 We were then bursting with pride again, when we had the privilege of performing the Nativity to our Reception parents, who I think, were equally as proud.

Well done Reception… You are all shining stars, every single one of you! 🌟

The day the fire engine came to visit

It has been a little while since I last posted a blog as we have all been so incredibly busy but I thought I would share with you some of the things we got up during Term two.

So here you are…

The children in Reception were very lucky this term as we were able to get involved in one very special part of the Year 1’s Fire Day.

Miss Cosh and Mrs Hughes had organised a day of fun and learning for the Year 1 children based around the theme of Fire. As part of the day, the children learnt about fire safety and the people who help us keep safe in the event of a fire.  It was to our delight that a real fire engine came to visit our school and we were allowed to go and see the fire engine, listen to a short talk about what fire fighters do and the special clothing and equipment they wear to keep themselves safe. We were also allowed to take a look inside the fire engine, trying on the helmets and looking at some of the equipment.  

 Again, the children listened very carefully to the fire fighters. We found out that there are three things we need to remember if there is a fire.

‘The Three Outs’

  1. Get out 
  2. Stay out
  3. Call the Fire Service out

Here are some of the children in the fire engine and trying on the helmets and looking at some of the equipment. We even got to hear the sirens of the fire engine. They were extremely loud!