Playpod Fun! 16th November 2015

Last week the children had their long-awaited Playpod training ūüėÄ – well to us it feels like we’ve been waiting a long time!  We have been really excited since the appearance of a very large and strange looking blue shed in the back playground, and have been desperate to find out what is inside. Last Monday this wish came true!  

 The children listened very carefully, finding out how to play with the scrap they might find inside. The shed is full of what may appear to be useless rubbish…

… However, when we were shown a large green net that would have been previously used for maybe a game, the children’s imaginations came to life as they were asked to think of others ways to use or play with it. 


Some of the ideas the children came up with were…

To catch fish… Or to catch a MONSTER! 

The children were told that they had to remember just 5 things…

1. There are some very long tubes and other objects – you need to hold them upright and make sure you have lots of space  

2. Some things are very heavy – keep them low and roll them along the ground

 3. If someone is playing with something you would like to play with – share, wait your turn, choose something else, find another one or ask to play together – if you drop a piece of scrap someone else is allowed to come and play with it

4. The scrap belongs to us… So who tidies it away? We do! An adult will show a handprint picture card for a 5 minute tidy up warning then a tidy up picture

5. There is a blue box in the entrance hall where we can post our ideas about the Playpod sessions, by writing words or drawing pictures

And that’s it! 

After all that good listening it was time to play! 



“We’re on a train to the beach!”


The children had a wonderful time and were all fully engaged in play activities for the entire session. 

We have been really looking forward to the Playpod being open every lunchtime from Monday 16th November… Yay! ūüėÉ