The day the fire engine came to visit

It has been a little while since I last posted a blog as we have all been so incredibly busy but I thought I would share with you some of the things we got up during Term two.

So here you are…

The children in Reception were very lucky this term as we were able to get involved in one very special part of the Year 1’s Fire Day.

Miss Cosh and Mrs Hughes had organised a day of fun and learning for the Year 1 children based around the theme of Fire. As part of the day, the children learnt about fire safety and the people who help us keep safe in the event of a fire.  It was to our delight that a real fire engine came to visit our school and we were allowed to go and see the fire engine, listen to a short talk about what fire fighters do and the special clothing and equipment they wear to keep themselves safe. We were also allowed to take a look inside the fire engine, trying on the helmets and looking at some of the equipment.  

 Again, the children listened very carefully to the fire fighters. We found out that there are three things we need to remember if there is a fire.

‘The Three Outs’

  1. Get out 
  2. Stay out
  3. Call the Fire Service out

Here are some of the children in the fire engine and trying on the helmets and looking at some of the equipment. We even got to hear the sirens of the fire engine. They were extremely loud! 



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