Another busy term!

As we come to the end of our first week of term 4 it is quite frightening to ask where did last term go?!  Term 3 was another busy one in Reception as the children became Winter Explorers and ended up on a search for dinosaurs! We also learnt about and celebrated Chinese New Year, enjoying the story of the naming of the years and eating Chinese food (that’s always my favourite bit!). The children have worked extremely hard and we hope have had a lot of fun along the way…


 We received a letter from Sir Richard Rambler, a Winter explorer.  
  Exploring ice cubes… Finding out how ice feels and why and what happens when ice melts.

A frosty winter morning… A perfect opportunity to be real Winter explorers! 


 Following Sir Richard’s clues to find mysterious eggs stuck in a block of ice!   

We melted the ice and found… DINOSAURS!!! 

Chinese New Year – The Year of the Monkey



   Spring rolls, crispy seaweed and prawn crackers… Yum! 😋



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