Staying to lunch, the ‘big’ playground and P.E.¬†

The last couple of weeks have provided our Reception children with lots more new experiences at school… We have ventured out from our Reception unit into the wider world of the school; joining the rest of the infants for morning playtime in the ‘big’ playground at the back of the school, having our first P.E. session with Mrs Dove and staying for lunch, which has created much excitement! ūüėč

We have lost count of how many times we have been asked,  

“Is it lunchtime yet?” 

This often being the first question we are asked as the children have stepped through the door in the morning! 

Once lunchtime has finally arrived, we have been extremely impressed by how well the children have behaved; lining up quietly, being polite to our cook and kitchen staff and their independence at the tables, including lovely table manners. We have had many clean plates being returned to the kitchen, so it seems staying to lunch has been a hit! 

The children have also been enjoying playing in the ‘big’ playground with the rest of the school during playtimes and lunchtimes. They have enjoyed playing with their bigger friends, and siblings have been so excited to be able to play together ūüėÄ.

Finally, we have also had our first P.E. session with our trained gymnastics teacher Mrs Dove. In order to have lots of time in the hall we only removed socks and shoes! The children had a great time exploring ways of travelling around the hall as different animals, listening carefully to instructions and playing a colour game with beanbags. Next challenge for after half term… getting changed into P.E. kits!